Parenting mediation is our child-centered mediation 
process in which we assist parties with negotiating a 
mutually agreeable parenting plan. 

The objective is to help the family transition through  a negotiation process with as little conflict as possible and, if conflict is already high, manage the conflict and help the parties progress more quickly to a point where they can function on their own.

Our Parenting Mediation seeks to:
  • Help organize the parties to assist them in developing a parenting plan
  • Help the parties identify clearly the issues in dispute so that both individuals are better able to approach a resolution
  • Assist with communication
  • Promote post-divorce cooperation
  • Promote cooperation among parents (never married, blended, etc.)
  • Assist parents in developing a parenting plan           focused on what is in the BEST interest of the child/children.
  • Our certified mediator can notarize the agreement  at no additional fee if requested.

You must be at least 18 years old to request this service.

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Neither nor are meant/intended to address crisis or emergency situations. If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency,call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.