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    Welcome to our HIPPA complaint, confidential 
 counseling/consulting administrative office portal
  • We're here for you to quickly accommodate requests for face-to-face in-office sessions and face-to-face virtual office sessions. 
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    Our office is located at 6326 St. Andrews Road Columbia, SC, So should you prefer to connect with your counselor via an in-office, face-to-face counseling or consultation appointment, simply select the  Counseling or Parenting Mediation tab from the navigation menu on the right, or contact us at (803)750-2211.

    Our telehealth portal augments our in-office service delivery, providing an additional level of ease in connecting with your counselor whenever and wherever it is convenient for you (e.g. from your phone, tablet or computer) to efficiently address personal, family, custody or EAP related issues.

    We are active providers on most health insurance and EAP networks. In addition, if your concern is a qualified expense for FSA, HSA, or HRA accounts, you may be able to use your corresponding debit card!

Here's why accessing support via is right for you:
  • Schedule to see your counselor from wherever you're sitting right now*
  • Visits may be a FSA/HSA, health insurance reimbursable expense** or may qualify for approval via your EAP
  • It is both efficient and practical. 
  • It eliminates inconveniences that often accompany scheduling and keeping appointments via a call service/office staff service delivery model.
  • Our web portal is HIPPA complaint, so it allows you to effectively retain your privacy.

Don't let life slow you down – feel better NOW.

    *Individuals/clients must be located in South Carolina.
    **Verify with your employer or health plan adviser about possible HSA or FSA account     and/or health insurance benefits reimbursement. Contact your EAP to authorize requests.

​Neither nor are meant/intended to address crisis or emergency situations. If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.
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